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Press Enter by SignHerePlease

Ah, Razeal... my favorite. She's always had that nasty streak in her that others may find salacious, but I find to be empowering & sexy. Whether regular or futa, she's always been one to make me raise my... uh, eyebrow. Yeah, that's it. "Eyebrow". Here we are, gazing up from between her delicious thighs, past her lovely hinterlands & across her ruby peaks. Oh, if only I could experience such a sight for myself, I would happily sign the dotted line... so to speak. *AHEM* Where was I? OH! Yes, yes, the critique... pardon me. Starting from the foreground, the sharp points of her nails seem to contrast with the oh-so-gentle press of her fingertips, which - to me - belies a nature for pain, yet loving experience at pleasing herself with her own caresses. Raze knows herself well, and the fact that she dares to keep both the chances of different sensations so close to her softest parts gives one the impression that they are quite interchangeable with her. The curves of her belly flow ever upward to her exquisite mounds of breast-flesh. Like monuments to the gods & goddesses of sexual excess, they sit heavy on her chest... making one wonder at their weight in the hand, their taste on the lips, or their soft press against the sides of one's face. Such a wonderful job of making them appear to the eye as pillows of lust, almost begging to be explored. The look on Raze's face would lend one to the idea that she might actually appear bored with such an act, but I can see through that in a moment; the ...

Ice Wolf by SignHerePlease

Fire & Ice. THAT is what runs through my mind when I lay my eyes upon this lovely beauty. I have enjoyed SignHerePlease's artwork for some time, now... and this one certainly shows the same level of quality I have come to expect from such a talented artist. There's almost a mechanical look to the subject, but it isn't quite that - the frost on her skin seems so shiny, it almost has a cyberpunk-type look to it; that sheen? Marvelous. The rune-like markings? Exotic & adds a sense of individuality to something that is already in a class by itself. There's also an anger there... I can feel it. The look of thinly-veiled anger stopped me cold (*chuckle*) while I was looking her over. A gnaw at her own lip, ever so slightly... the hooded eyes, speaking of a stalwart soul beneath them... that certainly pleases me. But, those FIRES... The cold blaze issuing forth from her hand, bright & damn-near piercing in its intensity, casts a surge of POWER across this picture - it gives the impression that the energies hiding beneath the frosty shell manipulating them are vast & deep... almost as if she's actually straining to hold them back, instead of conjuring them forth. The dark blaze on her other hand speaks of a duality that is only hinted at - a darkness that lingers in the recesses of this lovely creature's soul; something that SignHerePlease is rather accomplished at displaying. Even...

Farewell My Friends by SignHerePlease

A gathering of beauty is quite a sight to behold; in this case, it's quite a work of art. I have always appreciated artists who love & support their fans, and I feel SignHerePlease has always been good to their fanbase. Hence, near the time of departure (for a short while) of this talented artist, we are left with this lovely "goodbye", in the face of loneliness, to help all of us fans to get by in the interim. I shall attempt to try to capture, in words, what I see of each persona as they appear to me - if you find my judgement flawed, I won't mind; ...

Shatter More by SignHerePlease

Darkness lives within us all. It is the bedfellow of madness, the friend of anguish & the sustenance of pain. Rarely, in this world, does it manifest in a visible manner... but here? DARKNESS WEARS A FACE; a face called "Shatter"! So many artists use blac...

When I like something, I endeavor to let others know what I liked... and sometimes, what I have to say actually ain't half-bad.

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  Sorry, sorry... I've been kinda absent lately, and it's mostly because of the fact that I have no internet available at home; I'm writing THIS on a friend's 'puter, and I just felt like letting folks who watch me know (both of you) that I'll be back up to my old hijinks... juuuuuuuust as soon as I actually get my 'net back.

  Until then, go enjoy some of the other artwork and stuff.  I'll be back.


  (I hope...)
[Twenty - Eighth]

  Why settle for the perfection of the past when one can look forward to the mistakes of the future?


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"It's only smoke & mirrors if you don't want to believe..."

I came up with this phrase somewhere around the tender age of 21.

I had spent an entire day watching the tube. For some reason, there had been a number of "reveal the hoax/secret" type shows on, from the classic Watergate to a reveal-all story about P.T. Barnum. Something about all that saddened me; I didn't know why people would WANT to know ALL these secrets. I mean, where's the mystery?

So, all crestfallen and such, I changed the current station - and found a similar show on magicians. But THIS show turned out to be different.

THIS show revealed how magicians had used their entertainment skills throughout the ages to entertain & lift morale in troops during many, MANY wars. It revealed a few tricks, but left enough behind to lean the viewer towards the idea of a possible, coincidental energy... leaving one with the idea that magic MIGHT be real - and to never stop believing.

This made my day. And that's when it came to me.

Many people find out so many secrets that they become jaded. My thought is because there's no more "magic" left for their inner children to believe in, they feel like they've been robbed of their childhood sense of wonder. It turns people into bitter, spiteful adults. The kind that do bad things because there's nothing good left to believe in. The kind that end themselves. The kind that give up on life & it's many amazing things. The kind that lose their minds.

So, that's when the phrase turned, so to speak. And so, to all out there who feel the despair & drudgery of everyday life, to all those broken hearts who feel as if the world has shown them more than they can stand, to the poets, artists & madmen (and women) who are looking for a reason to do as they should be doing... put trust in the idea that this world ALWAYS has more to offer. There's forces at work on BOTH ends of the scale; GOOD as well as bad.

So, please: keep hope alive... leave your cynicism aside for a bit and just FEEL the magic of existence...

... because it's only "smoke and mirrors" if you don't want to believe in it, after all.


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